Easy To Use Main Controls All In One Place

Component containing all of the main controls of the music player.

All of the main controls are found on this component. Their color helps identify associated controls.

Mode Controls
  • The music player does all song changes. Default start mode.
  • Timed fade-out of the current song.
  • Finish playing the current song and then stop.
  • Turn the random selection of songs on and off in the music player.
  • You do all song changes manually. Left unattended, play will stop.
  • Turn a delay on (Image shows the fade-out delay is on.) and off (Image shows the fade is off.).
  • Temporarily copy the song in the current deck into the next deck.
Menu Controls
  • Save what is loaded as a single unit known as a set.
  • Create as many lists as you like. Likewise, load as many as you want.
  • Add or insert songs from any directory on your system.
Some Manual Mode Controls
  • Initiate a timed mix between the current and next decks. The following two controls are directly tied to this feature. Click on them to open a pop-upImage shows control used to select a specific duration setting. and select the corresponding duration.
    • The fade-out of the currentImage shows how the 'current song' is identified in the display grid. song.
    • The fade-in of the nextImage shows how the 'next song' is identified in the display grid. song.
  • Use this control to lock the volume controls in opposing mode on the current and next decks. Move one of them and the other moves in the opposite direction. The nextImage shows how the 'next song' is identified in the display grid. song will automatically start playing as soon as you move either volume control.
Standard Controls
  • The background of this component is used to move the music player on screen. The mouse pointer changes to show when the feature is active. Right-click on this control to reset the music player to it’s default position.
  • Minimize‘ the music player. The icon only appears in the task tray. Double-click on it to ‘maximize‘ the music player or to bring it back into view when hidden by other applications.
  • Open the ‘Help‘ file supplied with the music player. The ‘help’ is context sensitive on sub-windows of the music player.
  • Exit‘ the music player. There are several other ways to ‘exit‘ the music player.
    • Last option on Display Grid {Right-Click} menu.
    • Right-click anywhere on the face of the music player to open a menu that only has an ‘exit‘ option.
    • [Alt + X], then X for keyboard users.
Controls For Various Features
  • Review the default presets loaded in the music player.
  • Edit the default fade settings used in automatic mode.
  • Edit the volume stop levels used to do accurate volume changes with a single click, timed or not.
  • Configure the outputs assigned to playback decks.