Easy To Edit Volume Stop Levels

Volume Stop Levels allow for accurate volume changes every time with a single click. Adjust the volume stop levels in a live situation. Changes are reflected immediately in the outputs.

Volume Stop Levels Editor
'Volume Stop Levels' editor. Click for full size.

Use this control to edit the default volume stop levels preset that is applied to lists when they are created. They apply on both the current, next and cue decks.

Create custom volume stop levels based on a location or an event. Save the settings as presets any time. Use the attach, view/edit and save as options on the ‘Display Grid {Right-Click}‘ menu to perform the corresponding actions on presets applied to lists.

Editor Controls
  • The controlImage shows how the 'current song' is identified in the display grid. on the right side shows levels as they are, including any changes. Simply click & hold anywhere on a section to change it. The mouse is positioned over the top line of that section automatically. Drag the mouse to change that level. The difference between two levels cannot be less than ten. Adjacent levels adjust automatically to this rule and move accordingly. The same is true when changes for a section are canceled.
    • Image shows how changes are reflected. Changed levels appear with a red border.
  • The controlImage shows how the 'current song' is identified in the display grid. on the left side shows the saved volume stop levels for that preset. Right-click anywhere on a section to cancel changes made to that level.
  •             Jnm             Name of the preset being edited. Use this control to cancel changes made to the preset.
  • SAVE changes. The player overwrites the library without asking you to confirm. Use the presets review window controls to save under another name.
  • Image shows controls used to fine-tune a stop level. Use these controls to fine-tune a level. They appear beside and follow the level you are changing. Use them to increase or decrease that level by one.
  • Image shows how unused portion of the volume appear in the control. When the upper level of the volume control to something less than 100, the unused portion appears like this.
NOTE: This window closes automatically if you click anywhere on the player or press the [Escape] button. Changes remain in effect.
CAUTION: Changes are reflected immediately on the volume controls. This allows the levels to be set based on a live situation.