Easy To Edit Equalizer Slider Values and Frequencies

A 10 band equalizer with adjustable sliders and most importantly editable frequencies for each slider. Turn the equalizer in to an audio filter if you like. Being able to set the frequencies of each band is part of what makes this music player unlike many others. Discover other uses for it. Share ideas using the contact form.

Equalizer Controls

An equalizer preset combines the slider valuesSliders used to set the each individual band.and the frequencies associated with them. Use the attach, view/edit and save as options on the ‘Display Grid {Right-Click}‘ menu to perform the corresponding actions on presets applied to lists. Each slide control has the following parameters.

  • Range: minus ten (-10) to plus ten (+10).
  • Frequency: 80 to 16,000 hertz.
NOTE: Right-click on a slide control to open the editor window.

Control used to turn equalizer on and off. Toggle equalizer ONControl used to turn equalizer on and off. and OFFControl used to turn equalizer on and off..

Control used to move all bands up by one. Control used to move all bands down by one. Move all sliders simultaneously up or down by one until a slider reaches the limit.

Control used to set all bands to zero. Set all of the sliders to zero.

Set individual slider values.

Equalizer Editor
  •             Dual 5 Band             Shows the name of the preset being edited. Use it to cancel all changes.
  • SAVE changes made to the preset. The player overwrites the library without asking you to confirm. Use the presets review window controls to save under another name.
  • Frequency Click on these controls to enter edit mode and set the frequency of the corresponding slider. A red border appears when the frequency has been changed.
    ( IE: Controls used to edit the frequencies of each band on the equalizer. ).
  • Value These controls show the present value of the sliders and have a red border when the value has been changed.
    ( IE: Controls used to show the current value of each band of the equalizer. ).