Sets – Menu Options And Related Controls

Save what is loaded in the music player as sets any time. Parameters of a set include which list is the work-list, play-list and next-list. Which song is the current and next. Which songs have been played. Any multiple-next songs set in the display-grid. Enough information to load the set and be where you were when you saved it.


Related Controls:
Image of the control used to open the 'Sets' menu. Use this control to open the menu seen above. Image of control that shows the name of the loaded 'Set'. This control shows the name of the loaded ‘Set‘. Move the mouse over this control to scroll the text from side to side.


Image of 'Sets' menu. Used to Load, Save, Delete & Rename 'Sets'. Mark a 'Set' as the default.

  • The following options open a sub-window.
    • Load
    • Save
    • Delete
    • Rename
    NOTE: If a song is playing when a you save a ‘Set‘, the actual play position in that song is not part of the information saved.
  • Which of the ‘Default‘ options seen in this image are visible depends on if a ‘Set‘ is loaded and if it is the default.
    • The first option is visible when the loaded set is not the default.
    • The second option is visible when the loaded set is the default.
    • The third and fourth options are visible when the default set is not loaded.
  • Check (√) the last option to always hide the disabled options on this menu. Only options that are available will be visible.