Operate Player When Decks Are Hidden

You are still able to operate this music player even when you use the ‘Player Layoutpreference to hide the three main decks. This progress control lets you do that. You can start & stop the ‘current‘ song. You can still use the ‘Click & Play‘ feature. You still have access to the ‘Effects‘ and the ‘Loop‘ controls.


When you hide the three decks ( A, B and Cue ) using the ‘Player Layout‘ preference, this progress control appears under the ‘Equalizer‘. This control always reflects the song loaded in the ‘current‘ deck. Play time is shown as time played and time remaining. All possible settings are reflected in this image. This control can also be used to set the play position in a song.

Progress controls shows the following information. The color of the text below matches how different parameters are reflected in these controls when they are applied to songs.

  • Global and Manual ‘Cues’. Manual settings always override global settings for this parameter.
  • Global and Manual ‘End-Cuts’. These parameters are always combined with each other.
  • Manual ‘Loop’ start (‘A’) and end (‘B’) positions.
  • Start position of a ‘message’ when it is attached to a song.
  • ‘Play’ progress of the song.

These controls can also be use to set the play position in the song. When you move over the control, the mouse changes to a left/right arrow and a yellow box appears under it.

A tool-tip showing the relative position of the mouse in relation to play-time also appears. (). Click anytime to set that play position. Click, hold and drag for an interesting effect.

NOTE: The player displays manual settings in both modes. Global settings are only reflected in this control when the player is in Automatic mode.

Use this control to show or hide the ‘Effects‘ controls. All features associated with these controls are available.

  • Left-click to turn an ‘effecton and off.
  • Right-click to open the corresponding editor window. Change the parameters and create your own custom ‘presets‘. Load and save them any time.
NOTE: These controls relate directly to those on the ‘current‘ deck.

Use this control to show or hide the ‘Loop‘ controls. All features associated with these controls are available.

  • Left-click to set a position. Right-click to clear it.
  • Amount of time to loop. (in thousandths of a second).
  • How many times to loop. (1 to 50). Count also used by the Loop A & B feature.
  • Initiate the ‘Auto Loop‘ feature using the & paramters.
NOTE: These controls are independant from those on other decks.


  • Right-click on this control to start & stop playing the current song.
  • In both Automatic and Manual mode, select a song, right-click on this control to load it and have it start playing using Click & Play

    This feature lets you select a song, load it directly into the ‘next‘ deck and have it automatically start playing.

    This feature is only available when you select a single song. (as seen in this image).

  • In Manual mode, use this control to perform a mix.

    Use this control to initiate a timed ‘mix‘ between decks ‘A‘ & ‘B‘ and vice versa. Use the two controls on either side of this control to set the duration of the ‘Fade-Out‘ and ‘Fade-In‘. A song change happens automatically when the mix is completed.

    NOTE: See the ‘When In Manual Modepreference for details on how to set what the player does after the mix is completed.
    Only available in manual mode.


Move your mouse over any control for details on that control.