Only Six Menus To Operate This Free Music Player

Load as many or as few lists as you need. Organize songs in them any way you like. Create sets from what is loaded in the player. Most preferences are just two clicks away. Find songs in what is loaded or in the library or on storage devices. Right-click on lists in the display grid to organize, save and remove them. Globally activate, deactivate or invert parameters in a list.


Move over images for details on a menu in this free music player.



Create a ‘Set‘ any time by saving what is loaded in the player.


Use this menu to load lists into the player. Any number of lists can be loaded at the same time.


Audio files are referred to as songs in this free music player. Any number of songs can be loaded or inserted at the same time.



Use this menu to set the different preferences available in this free music player.

Display Grid {Right-Click}

Activate menu by right-clicking on a list. Use it to arrange lists in this free music player any way you like.


Use this menu to find audio files in the player, library or on your storage devices.