Assign Output Devices to Playback Decks

Easy to assign output devices to each playback deck in the music player. Selection is automatic when only one output device is detected. This music player only detects output devices installed to the operating system. When you have more than one output device installed, you can use anyone one of them on each deck.

 Opens the configure output devices window. The player can only be configured when no lists are loaded in it.

The second panel shows how many output devices were found installed to the operating system.

Use the drop-downs associated with each deck on the third panel to select the output device you want to assign each deck.

  • Deck ‘A’   : Always the current deck at start-up.
  • Deck ‘B’   : Always the next deck at start-up.
  • Cue Deck   : This deck is used to create up to 10 entries for each position type, for every song.
  • Message Parameters   : Messages can be any audio file supported by the player. The player offers three different ways to process them.

Control used to apply the selected configuration.  Apply the settings. This window always opens until the player has been configured at least once regardless of how the ‘always open’ option is set.